Scituate Youth Lacrosse is dedicated to promoting the sport of lacrosse for boys and girls in Scituate. We aspire to be an organization providing a high quality experience for every child by striving to build a culture with the highest personal integrity

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The health and safety of our players is of the utmost priority. The following guidelines have been established to maximize player and spectator safety and to ensure compliance with all state and local COVID-19 protocols.

Phase 3, Stage 1 Guidelines

Player Requirements

  • Players must undergo self-monitoring protocol prior to each SYL practice/game
  • Attendance will be taken at each event for contact tracing purposes
  • Players must arrive/leave in gear, no bags/gear on sidelines
  • Mask/Face coverings must be worn at all times, including during practice/games
  • No disposable bottles – Bottles should be reusable and clearly labeled with player name
  • No sharing equipment, water bottles, phones, etc…
  • Players must maintain social distance prior to, after, and during practice
  • Coaches will wear face coverings when social distancing (6ft) is not possible

Parent/Spectator Requirements

  • Parents are asked to follow pick-up/drop-off protocol
  • Spectator Rules
    • SYL Home Events
      • Spectators are limited to 2 parents/guardians ands iblings of each player
      • Family units must maintain at least 6 ft distance
      • Masks must e worn at all times
    • Out of Town Events
      • Will be governed by local ordinance

Self-Monitoring Protocol

  • Must be conducted at home prior to every practice
    • Temperature Check
      • Those with temp above 100.3°F should not practice and should remain out off practice for 14 days or until cleared by a doctor
    • Symptoms & Exposure Questions
      • Do you presently, or have you had any of the following in the last 3 days?
        • Cough
        • Fever
        • Body Aches
        • Shortness of Breath
        • Chest Discomfort
        • Painful Breathing
        • Loss of Smell/Taste Not Related to Congestion
        • Diarrhea
    •  Exposure Questions
      • Has anyone in your home had any of the past symptoms in the past 3 days?
      • Are you awaiting COVID test results based on symptoms, close contact, or out of state travel?
      • Have you had close contact to someone who is awaiting testing results?

Anyone answering yes to any of the above questions should refrain from attending practice.

Notification Requirements

  • Parents must notify an SYL Board Member or coach immediately if any player tests positive for COVID-19.
  • This will allow us to implement our contact tracing protocol as soon as possible

Compliance with this protocol is essential to maintaining the safest possible environment for all and is required per the state and local guidelines.


For further detail on the current state requirements as set forth by the Massachusetts Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs -