Scituate Youth Lacrosse is dedicated to promoting the sport of lacrosse for boys and girls in Scituate. We aspire to be an organization providing a high quality experience for every child by striving to build a culture with the highest personal integrity

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The Scituate Youth Lacrosse Girls program is a member of the South Shore Lacrosse League (SSLL).  Grades 3-8 will play in the White Bucket against teams from: Norwell, Cohasset, Hingham and Duxbury. The SSLL is a developmental league and teams are not levelled. All players should have fairly equal playing time in games. The season runs from the beginning of April to the beginning of June. A SYL jamboree will be held at the end of the season.


Girls 1st and 2nd Grade Development Program

The 1st & 2nd grade girls program is designed with the goal of teaching the fundamental skills of the sport while striving to maximize player enthusiasm and fun. Practice will be once per week (1 hour) with  "Small Ball" games on Sundays. The benefit of the small sided games is that it will maximize the number of times each player touches the ball, thereby improving development and encouraging participation for players of all skill levels.   

3rd and 4th Grade Girls Lacrosse

Coaching at this level is designed to improve and expand on basic lacrosse skills: catching, cradling, throwing, ground balls and shooting, while having fun.  Basic defense and offense strategies are taught.  Practices will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays, with one hour games played on Sundays. The 3rd grade team will play cross field 7 v. 7 without goalies.  The 4th grade team will play 9 v 9 on a shortened field with goalies.  

5th - 8th Grade Girls Lacrosse

Practices will be held 2 times a week on Mondays and Wednesdays.   Games will be full field on Sundays, will be 11v.11, and 1 hour in length.  At this level, players will be expected to pratcie and improve their stick skills at home, on top of at their regular practice times.

Practices will focus primarly on the following:  ‚Äč

·       Improving Athletic Agility - Speed, agility, and footwork drills

·       Stick skills – Cradling, dodging, passing, catching, shooting, scooping

·       Field presence/understanding of the game – Offensive and defensive technique and off-ball movement

Friday Night Lights Teams

There are two U based teams (Grades 5/6 & Grades 7/8) that are assembled for more competitive play between the towns.  The U13 and U15 “Friday Night Lights” teams are chosen by coach’s invitation only.  Games are held predominately on Friday nights throughout the season and do not require extra practice time.  Only athletes who can commit to being present for thier regular Sunday games will be eligiable to play on these teams.