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SYL Girls 3rd grade - jamboree updates

Hello everyone - 

We are getting really excited for our jamboree on Sunday! These events are always fun and a great opportunity for the girls to play other towns and have some fun together. 

Please remember that 3rd grade has been asked to donate cut fruit to the Scituate Youth Lacrosse tent. There will a large blue "S" flag flying from our tents. 

The jamboree game schedules have not yet been posted on the Tourney Machine app. The vendor had some issues and is hoping to get it up soon. 

We are supposed to have 2 teams in the 8-11am time slot and 2 teams in the 11-2pm time slot. 

We are working on creating the teams now - which are 3rd/4th combined - and we will announce those on Friday. 

NOTE: game schedules are subject to change and we do expect that there will changes to please plan to be flexible. 

It's going to be hot so please plan accordingly! Bring lots of extra water and sunscreen and even towels on ice.

Let me know if you have any questions.



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SYL Girls 3rd - Jamboree information

Hello everyone - heads up that this is a long email - please read through to the end!

Scituate Youth Lacrosse has committed four teams of combined 3rd/4th grade girls to the Founders Girls Lacrosse League Jamboree. Our games will be played on Sunday, May 22nd. 

This is a full-day event. Scituate Youth Lacrosse will host a tent with snacks for the girls and there will be other food/shirts for the girls to purchase at the event. 

Here's what we need you to do: 

1. RSVP if your player is attending or not - PLEASE DO ASAP

2. Download the Tourney Machine app. The game schedules will be posted there - hopefully by tomorrow.

3. Girls 3rd is being asked to bring CUT FRUIT to contribute to the SYL Tent. You can bring your contribution directly to the tent on Sunday

4. Please arrive EARLY. It will take ~30 minutes to get parked and find the SYL tent and the girls need to be at their GAME FIELD thirty minutes before start time. 

Please consider bringing sun block, extra water, chairs, hats, etc. 

The games will all be played at Ft. Devens. The address is Devens Rec Center, Rodgers Field 100 Sherman Avenue, Devens MA 01434.

Please let us know if you have any questions - we're looking forward to a fun day with the girls!

Jackie Comerford

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SYL Girls 3rd - RSVP for Jamboree 5/22

Hello everyone,

This Sunday (5/22) is our girls jamboree which will be played at Ft Devens. We expect to have the schedule today and we think the girls will have 3 games.  This jamboree is a big deal for girls lacrosse and the first year our program has sent teams. 

We will have three 3rd/4th combined teams in the jamboree. We will send more information later this week on location, schedule and which team your player will be on.

Please let me know today if your player cannot attend the jamboree on Sunday. It is very important we get an accurate headcount.

Let me know if there are any questions


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SYL Girls 3rd Grade Blue - Game RSVP

Hello everyone - Our game is on Sunday at 1pm in Duxbury at the "Pool Field" 

Please arrive at the field by 12:30.

Please let me know today if your player cannot attend the game.



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SYL Girls 3rd - Practice change tonight

Hello 3rd Grade Girls Lax families - Given the rain and soggy fields we are going to move our practice indoors to Veterans Gym. The time will be 6:15-7:00 tonight. The girls still need their sticks, goggles and mouthguards and please have them wear sneakers and not cleats. 

Let us know if you have any questions!

Jackie Comerford

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SYL Girls 3rd Grade - reminders

Hello 3rd Grade Girl Lax families - just a few reminders

PLEASE RSVP for all games in advance of game day. We don't want to find ourselves in a position where we don't have anough girls to play and we can usually ask players to cover additional games if we know in advance.

Please ARRIVE AT THE GAME 30 MINUTES BEFORE GAME TIME. Our coaches need the time to talk to the girls, the team needs the chance to get organized and we need extra time to get the goalie dressed. 

Wall Ball practice tomorrow - we will have PIZZA for the girls!

Save the Date - 5/26 - Jackie is going to host a taco party for the team at her house.

Let us know if there are questions!

Jackie Ashley and Jaime

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SYL Girls 3rd Grade - Wall Ball Challenge

Hello 3rd Grade Girl Families - 

Catching, throwing, and scooping a quick ground ball on the run are fundemental skills to the game of lacrosse. Every year we challenge our players to work on these skills on their own - and we like to sweeten the deal to make it fun. 

The girls will receive (if they haven't already) a weekly wall-ball challenge for them to complete. You need to watch them and return the sheet, signed, as confirmation that your player has completed the weekly challenge. Every week we will hand out the prize at our Wall Ball practice. The weekly prize is the "S" sticker on their stick. We hope they will end the season with 8 stickers!

In addition to working on weekly skills, we are offering a season long challenge for the girls to work towards:

Being able to throw and catch consistently, off a wall or rebounder with both hands - and this must be recorded on video and sent to Ashley Schumacher for verification ( 


1. The girls must use proper form! How to Catch Video

2. The girls cannot drop the ball. If they drop, they must start over. 

3. Please be encouraging! It's super hard to catch these in a row but you will see that once they can do 5, 10 will come quickly.

Here are the challenges and Prizes

10 Right and 10 Left - no dropping - Gift Card to Nona's for small ice cream cone

25 Right and 25 Left - no dropping - TBD but likely a Scituate Lacrosse headband

50 Right and 50 Left - no dropping - Gift card for individual pizza at Harbor House

100 Right and 100 Left - no dropping - Customized Scituate lacrosse stick

Please let me know if there are any questions!



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SYL Girls 3rd Grade - weekly updates

Morning 3rd Grade Girl Lax families!

A few updates for this week and next.......

Practices: Going forward, please use the Recreation Field entrance by the new Senior Center and not the entrance by the tennis courts. We have overlapping time with Girls 1st/2nd and there will be over 100 girls overlapping this space. Coaches will help direct the girls where to drop their bags. 

Tomorrow: SHS Varsity Girls game watch at SHS 4pm. We would like the girls to attend the SHS Varsity Girls game. SYL will have pizza/drinks. Parents are more than welcome to attend and watch too!

Friday: there will no NO wall ball practice at the lax wall this week.

This weekend and next week: No games and no practices this week or next. We will reconvene with the girls at the games on Sunday April 24th. 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE work on catching and throwing while we have this break. As you can see from our games, winning ground ball battles and being able to catch are critical components to the game. If your player is new, slow underhand tosses to her, while she has one hand on the stick is a good way to get started. The SHS Lax Wall is open every day - even fifteen minutes against the wall or a reounder will drastically help the girls skills. Here are a few videos that can help:

How to Catch

How to Cradle

Tips on Ground Balls

Please let us know if you have any questions

Jackie Comerford

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SYL 3rd Grade Girls Blue - Game Sunday

Hello everyone,

Our game (3rd Grade Blue) this weekend is in Marshfield. We will play at Deftos field, which is the field that abuts Forest St (and not the Stadium turf, as it looks on Google Maps.)

Game time is 10:15. Please have the girls at the field by 9:45. Our team will be warming up together and going over some pre-game plans. As always, please let us know as soon as possible if you have a conflict and cannot make it. 

Also, I will do my best to respond to texts/emails on game days but I'm generally going from game to game and am not great about responding. Please also feel free to text Erin (617-671-8397) or Kristin (617-894-5109)

Let me know if there are questions.


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SYL Girls 3rd Grade - Practice Cancelled today

All 3rd grade families - due to the weather we are cancelling 3rd grade practice today. 

We highly recommend your player spend some time walking around carrying a lacrosse ball in her stick, scooping up ground balls in the grass when it dries out a bit and practicing catching off a wall, rebounder or from a parent/sibling/friend tossing.

See you all on Friday at the wall!


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SYL 3rd Grade Girls - Blue Team

Hello everyone - 

Our first game is Sunday at 9am in Hingham. All of the details are on our schedule. Please have the girls at the field, ready to play by 8:30am. (Please also be sure you have linked your calendar with our schedule.)

You should have received an email this mornign with an RSVP request. Please be sure to respond to these emails so we can manage headcount for our games. 

Girls will need full gear to play on Sunday. I hope to see them all tonight at the SYL Lax Wall!

Jackie Comerford

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SYL Girls 3rd Grade - Team rosters and games this weekend

Morning 3rd Grade Girl Families - 

We have been divided into 3 leveled teams. We will all still practice together, but each team will have their own games on the weekend. We are doing this so that every player gets maximum playing time every weekend. It is really important that you communicate with your coach if you cannot be there and we hope that you will do everything you can to make each game so that we don't run into scenarios where we are short players. Please respond to the RSVP email the system generates. NOTE: these teams may change a bit as the season goes on to be sure we have leveled teams.

Please link your calendar to your team schedule through the app or the website. Let me know if you need help. If you have already linked your calendar, please unsubsscribe/unlink and start fresh and please log out / back-in on the app. All game details (times/locations/directions) are on the events in the calendars.

This weekend's games - all on Sunday:

SCI Black plays DUX White at 12pm at Recreation Field/Old Gates

SCI Blue plays HING Red at 9am in Hingham

SCI White plays COH in Cohasset

Black Team - Coached by Jaime Hannon, Kelley Burwood Kelly Broderick Paul McCullough CALENDAR




























White Team - Coached by Ashley Schumacher Jenn Smith  CALENDAR


























Blue Team - Coached by Jackie Comerford Kristen Norris Erin Heard CALENDAR







Georgia Lin


















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SYL Girls 3rd grade - tonight

Morning everyone - 

Due to the cold we are going to be inside Veterans Gym again tonight. Our practice is going to be shortened a bit so that we can get better use out of the space. 3rd grade will practice tonight from 5:45-6:30. 

Please make sure your player arrives with their pinnie, goggles and mouthguard. There were a few girls on Monday who did not have mouthguards and they will not be able to participate tonight if they do not have the gear.

Also - please be sure your player has a GIRLS lacrosse stick. We recommend the String King Jr, which you can grab at Good Sport. Austin has been great about getting stock in quickly when he runs out. If he's not able to get it you can get online direct from STX: WOMENS STRING KING JR

Let us know if you have any questions - 


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SYL 3rd Grade - schedule change for today

Hello everyone - 

Due to the cold temps we are moving our practice indoors to Veterans Gym - which is the Gym at the recreation department (at Old Gates.) Practice time will be the same 5:45-7:00. 

Please have your girls wear sneakers instead of cleats. They will still need goggles, mouthguards and sticks.


Jackie Comerford

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SYL Girls 3rd Grade - practices start this week

Hello 3rd Grade Girl Lax Families!

It was great to see many of you on the field today! The girls look great and we are really excited for this season and the beginning our league play! A few notes and reminders:


Monday/Wednesday 5:45-7:00 at Recreation Field/Old Gates and Fridays at 5:00-5:30 at the SYL Lax Wall at SHS (next to softball turf)

Please make sure your player is dressed appropriately for the weather - it is windy at the field and the girls get cold. We recommend the girls wear lax gloves on cold days. 


The girls MUST have a girls lacrosse stick to play this year. They can no longer use the Warp sticks from Scoops. Please also get them many mouthguards, they are lost easily. The girls will not be able to participate in a practice or a game if they do not have their goggles, mouthguards and a girls stick. (Please check out Good Sport for sticks. I recommend the String King Jr for most of these girls and Austin at GS knows what our program wants.) 

The girls will receive their uniforms tomorrow after practice. They need to wear their pinnies to every practice and every game. 


Our first game is Sunday! The girls must always be dressed and ready to play 30 minutes prior to game time. 

Please no coaching from the sidelines. RULES HERE. Notably: At this age the girls cannot check, and we have a 3-pass rule. Instructions from the sidelines confuse the girls - however, we do love a good cheer section! You can get SYL gear here: SYL GEAR 

Teams (Black, Blue, White) will be announced this week. 


Saturday, April 9th - we are going to watch the BC Women's Lax game at Alumni Stadium at BC! SYL will host a tailgate and tickets are free. 

Sunday, May 22nd - we are going to play in a tournament at Ft Devens. This is a major event for girls lacrosse in our region and should be a lot of fun for everyone!


Let us know if you have any questions!


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SYL Girls 3rd Grade - a few notes

Hello 3rd grade team!

A few notes I wanted everyone to be aware of

If anyone is interested in purchasing Scituate Youth Lacrosse gear you can order on our online store and small portion of the sales is kicked back to our program: SCITUATE LACROSSE GEAR

Scituate Youth Lacrosse is marching in the Scituate St. Patrick's Day parade tomorrow! If anyone is interested the meet up is 11:45 at SHS. Please RSVP with Laura Sampson

Tomorrow at 2pm is the BC Women's Lax game against UNC. It's going to be an amazing game - please record it and show your player! Even 15 minutes of watching will be good for these girls. 

Upcoming dates

Sunday, March 27th - Indoor time at Starland at 11:30am

Monday, March 28th - First practices outside at Recreation Field

Saturday, April 9th - BC vs ND game - SYL will host a tailgate at noon

Sunday, May 22nd - Founders Girls tournament at Ft. Devens. 

Let me know if you have questions!


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SYL Girls 3rd Grade - upcoming schedule

Hello 3rd Grae Girl Lax families!

We are now expecting our season practices to start the week of March 28th. We are still waiting for the fields to dry out for the town to open them. Practices will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday - details are still being ironed out.

We are hosting a pre-season warm-up on Sunday March 27th at 11:30am-12:30pm at Starland. Girls will need to have full equipment to participate: goggles, mouth guards, sticks and we recommend cleats. 

Please also save the following dates - more information will be coming

Saturday April 9th 2pm - Boston College game watch at BC - SYL will host a tailgate

Sunday May 22nd - Founders Girls Lacrosse Jamboree - all day event at Ft. Devens

Please let me know if you have any questions!
Jackie Comerford


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SYL Girls 3rd Grade - equipment correction

Hello 3rd Grade Girl Lax Families - Quick note as I learned last night the girls can no longer use their Warp Jr sticks that they received from Little Scoops. Our league rules state that at 3rd grade the girls need to use a girls stick. There is a nice STX String King Jr option (it's what I am going to have Carrie use this year) and there is a girls Warp and a few others. They can only use the Warp through 4th grade and I don't love this version as much as I love the Warp Jr. The girls will likely grow out of the String King Jr within the next year or two as well but I like the size and feel like it's a good next-step from the Warp Jr. I highly recommend talking to Austin at Good Sports for options. 

And we're in luck - they are hosting a special lax weekend for Scituate Youth Lacrosse at Good Sports this weekend. 

Given where we are with the demand for sports equipment - I would run, not walk, if you are looking for new gear this year. 

Let me know if you have any questions. JMC

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SYL Girls 3rd Grade - Schedule/Website/RSVPs

Hello 3rd Grade Girl Lax families!

Our game schedule should be out imminently. Our first games will be Sunday, April 3rd. All of our games will be played on Sundays. (There will be no game on Easter.)

You can link your phone/computer's calendar directly to our website or app (Sports Sign Up Play) so that your player's game schedule and any changes will automatically feed to your calendar. To sign in to our app you use the same credentials that you use to log in to our website. Click on "My teams" and your players teams should come up at the top. If you go to our team page and select "Schedule" you select 'Options' 'and then 'Calendar Feed.'

Our system will auto-generate an RSVP request for our games. PLEASE use this function and let us know if your player will not be able to attend her scheduled game. 

The girls will be broken into three even teams. Our games will be played in Scituate and surrounding towns. 

Our first practice will likely be March 23rd at Recreation Field (Old Gates) - we are still working on confirming the time. 


Jackie Comerford


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SYL Girls 3rd Grade - Gear the girls need

Hello 3rd Grade Girl Lax Families!

- The girls need a stick, SEI certified safety goggles*, a fitted mouthgaurd** and cleats. 

- We also recommend the girls consider girls lacrosse gloves and a bounce-back/rebounder for home.

SYL works closely with Good Sport in Cohasset to ensure they carry the sticks we recommend for our players. The girls can still use the Warp Jr stick they received in the Scoops program and I still recommend this stick for new/beginning players. Fitting the stick is also important. Any of our coaches or the folks at Good Sport can help you identify how long the stick should be. (To cut them down you remove the rubber 'butt' and a hacksaw will cut through the stick.)

Our girls will likely be practicing at Recreation Field (behind old Gates) this spring. Please have your players dressed appropriately for colder weather. Wearing layers helps.

*If your daughter is using old goggles and a ref notices they are not SEI certified they can technically disallow her to play. If your daughter wears glasses she still needs to wear lax goggles. 

**I recommend buying a bunch of mouthguards b/c the girls loose them easily. Having an extra one in a bag is always a good idea. 

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Jackie Comerford

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SYL Girls 3rd Grade - Welcome to the 2022 season!

Hello 3rd Grade Lax Families!

Welcome to the Spring 2022 season! 3rd grade lax is a big deal - as it is the first year our teams start playing league games, against other towns. It tends to bring more meaning to the fun we have at practice and our girls will get a chance to demonstrate what they're learning every week. Our group will have three teams and our fields will be played on 'small ball' fields. Our teams will be divded into three equally talented teams and we will do our best to keep the girls with some friends.

The girls will be coached by Ashley Schumacher, Jenn Smith, Jaime Hannon, Kristin Norris, Kelley Burwood, Erin Heard, Kelly Broderick, Paul McCullough and myself. Our three teams will be lead by Ashley, Jaime and myself.

Our practices this year will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. MW will be 1-1.5 hrs and F will be 30 min. Exact time and location is still being worked out but we expect to kick off practices the week of March 23.

There is a lot of information to share with you and I will try to keep from sending messages that are too long. All messages will also be saved to our team page so that you can refer back to anything we've sent: GIRLS THIRD GRADE TEAM PAGE

Please keep an eye out over the next few weeks for more information and please let us know if you have any questions. 

Jackie Comerford (AKA Carrie's mom)

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